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Monday, 28 December 2015

In the news

Mona Helen Muriel Stonyer from Hereford...

The London Gazette posted her demise 

4 Grove Road, Hereford, Spinster. 26th July 1990.

How come this lady made the news in the 21st century? Apparently an academy came across notebooks from her schooldays. Some bright-spark had the idea to investigate further and compare then with now.

Books dating from 1929-1930 were found during the emptying and relocation of Broadlands Primary School. 

Close-ups showed the meticulous hand-writing and drawings from biology. Then, it struck me when one of today's pupils commented on how neat and tidy they were. Cue a memory from long ago, okay 1950s and to my generation not 'that' long ago. We were taught to always do our best work and that meant neat handwriting and careful drawings. No-one ever rushed through their work, there was no incentive to do it faster. Then, we could and did focus our attention on our studies with nothing to distract us. 'No talking' was the rule, and although rooms were light and airy windows on one side were too high to look through even when standing. The opposite wall would have looked into the corridor and out to the quadrangle but its windows were opaque.

 Who was she? MONA H M STONYER was born in Hereford1914.

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