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Monday, 28 December 2015

The more it rains...

The more I come to the conclusion that the North-South divide remains very much in place.

Media go-fors have headed to more of the flood hit areas. They have gathered to interrupt ongoing work with facile, futile questions.

Of course an historic city, York now claims most of the coverage.

The good folk of Cumbria and Lancashire have lost the media spotlight. Their desperate plight remains but the news-hounds have moved on.

Then there's the knowledge gap, made worse by the popular news media that have their words / writings set for a reading age typical for a 10-year old child. 

Yes, my cynicism knows no bounds.

Because happenings are in the Northern England, rubberneckers from the south have arrived to look, spout words then scuttle back to the S.E. (Having spent ££££s on themselves).

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