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Friday, 12 May 2017

MCAS quandry

I recently wrote about MCAS aka the physiotherapy 'service'.
Apparently they'vs been having problems with illness and some folk have moved on to jobs elsewhere.

I must admit to a preference for morning appts. Otherwise the appt. seems to ruin the day making it awkward when the appt. is in an afternoon/

There's been another phone-call this time from them to me.
Mon. appt #1 cancelled
Rearranged by them for afternoon.
Rearranged by me for same time, different 'local' venue appt. #2
Today's phone-call to cancel appt. #2
Next appt. #3 back to venue #1 and same 9.10 appt time. Now with a.n.other person and on a Thursday instead of Monday.

Makes one feel that they could not organize the proverbial booze-up in an open brewery.

Time will tell...


This morning's post (Sat.) bought an appt. (first class post)

Theoretically, it is the go-ahead for appt. this Thurs.

Thurs. appt has been and gone. New physio complete with student. So it was all about assessing him and allowing him to practise his physio-patient skills.

He did well, convincing me which routine of movements might be of more use. Much better than just handing out booklets. He won;t be there next time. Yes, am going to co-operate and see Sarah again. Now, to attempt to makes an appt. Wonder how many attempts it might take this time?

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