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Friday, 5 May 2017

Outrageous fortune

Distance learning is not as easy as it sounds. even when conducted thro' the auspices of a long-time provider.

It pays to 'Remember the human'.

This is especially true of email. It's oh so easy to misinterpret what's been written.

As the warning goes...never write and send when you are in a bad mood or upset. That way you lesson the chance of making a fool of yourself.

Similarly, electronic communication is not a level playing-field. Because computers have been around for such a long time it's easy to be lulled into a false sense of security.

It's also easy to assume that others have similar computing skills.

Unfortunately, having traditional writing skills may be fine but add a computer into the mix and stand back to see what happens.

Documents have the facility of commenting (part of word processing). I've had it happen before and now it has happened again.

What, you might ask?

One tutor was a whizzkid at tutoring but not word processing. His documents always had comments with his wife's name. When it's a regular occurrence, it's irksome but I can cope.

However, when for the last assignment the comments suddenly have the wrong name and seem by the wording to be from someone else...that's more awkward.

Tutor had no idea when I mentioned it.

That's why I duly sent a reply with a png file (portable network graphics) showing some of the problem comments.

Here's hoping she understands...

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