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Tuesday, 16 May 2017


as a result of world-wide ransom-ware proliferation this weekend...the poor old NHS is in it good and proper.

Typically, although reputable news reports (I.T. mags) noted weaknesses in NHS systems, the government have been at pains to say 'not my problem'.

When large parts of the NHS have continued to use an out-dated unsupported operating system Windows XP, this weekend's problems were an accident waiting to happen.

I've been following events as reported by 'The A Register'.

"Proud website boasts that the "NHS is totally protected with Sophos" became "Sophos understands the security needs of the NHS" after the weekend scrub-up.

El Reg asked Sophos to comment on what seemingly went wrong with its security defences but we're yet to hear back beyond an acknowledgement of our query."

As they might say...

The plot thickens...

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