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Saturday, 31 January 2009

following trains of thought

itsmee wanted to know about visiting to Iceland.

Studying geosciences led me to membership of OUGS Open University Geology Society. Ever since I first studied geology at school, the place I wanted to visit was Iceland. It became my trip of a lifetime, my must do, I had to find some way to get there.

Reading a fiction book [insert details here] which described Iceland's scenery and a journey across it's wild interior, fuelled my intention to visit 'sometime'.

The opportunity arose when OUGS organised a field trip and I hastened to claim a place.
So, I flew from Manchester to Glasgow, met up with the rest of the group and had the happy experience of flying (Icelandair) to Reykjavik.

We had expert tuition from a retired prof of Geology who, having spent years in Iceland, had a network of Icelandic friends and contacts. Travelled by coach with Jan (driver) and a cook.
It was a great set-up. The idea being to make an economical journey visiting the sights without overspending. We split into teams of four, each taking a turn to help the cook with the catering.

Travelling the Golden route in the reverse direction to the usual tourist trips and staying in a series of varied accommodation ranging from guest house to community halls.


Claude said...

Just looked your photos! What incredible landscapes! When I was younger, I guess we always looked for places where the sun would shine and now, I think I'm too old!

wendishness said...

Awesome pics, and a great place to visit by the sounds of things, I'd expect it would be really expensive to travel there from here though.