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Sunday, 4 July 2010

4th July

Can't help but post something on the auspicious day!
Happy 4th July to all across the Pond!
Jogging my memory-banks I found I knew little about this date in history.
(Shame on me)

The idea of big, big celebrations springs to mind...but what's the origin, I ask myself.

4th July, 1776
Congress declared (unanimously) the Thirteen United States of America!

This being depicted even today by the flag having 13 stripes.

So, for the first time I've found the Declaration and read through it word by word. An amazing piece of Literature, historic, authoritative and to use modern parlance...Life Affirming.

To think that over here (Blighty) we have no such nor similar document. The closest we get (I think) is the Magna Carta or Great Charter that the Barons forced the King to sign.

17th June 1215

At Junior school we did a very brief outline of the Grand Charter, so as am having a 'finding out' day; I've downloaded a copy of it to read.
I hadn't realised what a lengthy document it is.

The two documents are so different from one another!

The Declaration is as relevant today as when it was written.
The Magna Carta is truly an historic document, but also a snapshot of Medieval life.

So, if you have time and inclination, why not do as I did and read both documents (smile).


Jan n Jer said...

I will have to take the time to read the UK's Magna Carter...we did learn some of it in school but my memory fails me at this age. Thanks for your well wishes for our Independence day. I agree with you, our Declaration of Independence is truly a brilliant document and it holds true to this day! We had some really really smart forefathers to write such a piece of work.

joangee said...

Truly blessed to have such a foundation upon which to build.
Thanks for stopping by...