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Monday, 26 July 2010

return of Fun Monday! I hope so

Mariposa has set the theme
                            'It's all about friendship'

Friendship comes in many forms from the quick smile that lights up someone's face when you meet, the friend at the click of a mouse, childhood friends, friends of friends the list goes on.

There are 'friends' you might have because they are useful to them and they to you. A contact list of people to ask about...finding, doing and general how do I?

There are past colleagues who count themselves as friends (Christmas cards only.)

Another, won't get in contact, but expects to be contacted!

Then there's my 'let's go to the theatre' friend. So we do and it's enjoyable, apart from the travelling. But, Manchester is a city to visit by train, not by car.
Our next trip is to see Les Miserables next month.

Some 'click of the mouse friends' have built up a good rapport, it's always a pleasure to read about their doings, comings and goings FM participants in particular (smile).

Thank you Mariposa for rescuing Fun Monday.


Sayre said...

I have friends for different purposes too! But only four who are always and forever my friends no matter what.

We actually have a movie group of friends (mostly from work with a few extras). We are eagerly awaiting the next installment of Harry Potter!

Jan n Jer said...

Now that is a great breakdown of the many different kind of friends one might have. I think we all have them in the various groups. I especially love the mouse click friends like yourself. Thanks for sharing and Happy FM

joangee said...

It's an absolute delight to 'meet'/ read about you.
Thanks for sharing.

Pamela said...

ah ha! I know what you mean. I have a Chai Latte friend, and a walking friend.

I have a ranting friend, too (:

a great post.

Faye said...

I agree! Glad to hear from Fun Monday friends again. I was amused at your many definitions of friendships--have some in all your categories. We all could add our four-legged friends as well, couldn't we?

You're seeing Les Miz soon? Me too--in the fall. Very exciting even if have seen it before. BTW, I have a friend of over 40 years who lives in Manchester. Small world.

joangee said...

Hi Pamela, I like the idea of a walking fiend wonder if I can count my dogs as walking friends? Wonder what a chai latte is? Ranting friends, (grin) now there's a thought.

Hi Faye, how did I forget our four-legged friends, they are a must.

I'll be in Manchester to go to the matinée in just over a fortnight. Never seen LM before, friend's seeing it for the 5th time.

Definitely a 'small world'.