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Thursday, 29 July 2010


Mammograms are 'necessary' yet unpleasant. This time all went well, and now there's a fortnight's wait for results.
The machine used is antwacky and has a vice-like grip. Hence the title 'squashed.
You had to be over 50 to be called in for check-ups. I missed being called up when I turned 50 by one week. Rather than wait 3 years, I paid for a private check-up. That's how I found out how old-fashioned and unpleasant the NHS machines are.
Radiographer told me next time they'd have a new machine, a digital one! Hope they make the vice-like grip more gentle.
Had to chuckle to myself when radiographer said digital images 'not as good' as films.
Here's hoping for an 'all clear' in a fortnight and gentler machinery in future.


Jan n Jer said... are so right...although since they have digital here in the US it is a little more comfortable. I would love to see a man have this test and I bet a man invented the machine. I Have been getting mamograms since I turned 40 I get one every year and I am due for mine in a few weeks. Very valuable test for early intervention. Best wishes for happy test result. I hate the wait for the results.

joangee said...

I agree, and would like to see the reaction if men had to have their sensitive area X-rayed in similar manner.
You have one yearly? Just shows how backward we are here.
Hope all goes well for you too.