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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Paddington Bear

a much-loved character from children's literature.

Neighbour's involved me in knitting and crocheting for charity. (Royal National Institute of Blind people)RNIB fund raising.
M has been doing charitable works for them for many years. I've only begun to get to know her recently even tho' she lives nearby.
For many years the people occupying the house between us and her have not been friendly (to say the least).
Our new neighbour is lovely, we get on well. She it was who introduced M. Now, passers-by often see 3 or 4 of us grouped together, laughing and chatting. (Rather like times past when neighbours used to stand and 'camp' at front doors).
'Camp' in local 'twang' means a sociable gathering, chit-chat.
My 'D' is a keen gardener and in the past year has begun to help our two neighbours with their gardens.
Returning to Paddington Bear, M has been knitting Paddington and I volunteered to knit his duffel coat,
Today, I finished and Paddington's complete apart from his Wellingtons and suitcase,
M's truly inspiring not just for her works...she's registered blind.

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