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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Anticipating Christmas - Fun Monday

Julie writes - November 15 - Let's talk Christmas!
Traditional Carols
"Deck the Halls with boughs of holly"

Benjamin Britten's "Ceremony of Carols"

Wolcum Yole!
"I sing of a Maiden that is makeless"
"Adam lay y bounden"

To me, Christmas is more about music than decorations...

When do you start decorating for Christmas? not until December...

Do you go out?
Of all days, Christmas Day is the day to spend at home.

Put up a tree?

Yes, once it would've been a fir, complete with roots and then it could be planted out.
Now, fibre optic trees have become popular and can look pretty.

Decorate with a theme?.
I usually visit a garden centre that puts on a special display of Christmas decorations.... and plan in my mind, but that's as far as it gets..

Christmas dinner isn't until early evening...the morning is spent organizing the turkey and trimmings...
Hopefully there'll be fresh Brussels sprouts and sage from neighbour's garden.
Dessert will be a Dutch recipe - vanilla ice cream topped with cream and Advocaat.


Faye said...

I hope you get to hear some lovely holiday music on your early Christmas trip to Dublin, Joan. I'd be thrilled to get to a live Christmas concert put on by The Chieftains! Like you, many years ago when I was very much into natural decorations I always started in a local greenhouse for inspiration.

Sayre said...

MMMM.... brussel sprouts! I'd love to do that for Christmas, but my immediate family is the only group that eats them! I'd probably be banned from the family if I showed up with a bowl of them at the in-laws...

Jill said...

hear hear for time at home on Christmas day. we are having a gathering on sunday, instead!

joangee said...

Thanks everyone for contributing. Tis always lovely to hear from you.

The Church Lady said...

Oh how I love to hear the Christmas carols too. The department stores here in the US began playing Christmas music 2 weeks ago! That is just too early for me! Your Dutch recipe for dessert sounds interesting. I'm not certain what Advocatt is.

joangee said...

Advocaat is also known a Eggnog. I bought it ready-made but you can make it from scratch.