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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

November 29 -

When do you start your Christmas shopping? 
Whenever I come across something and think it’d suit a person I know. 

Long gone are the days of mammoth expeditions round the shops. I learnt long ago, that if I'm to be a successful shopper…I have to be on my own.
Thinking back to school days, Christmas shopping with my friend we spent the whole day going round the shops. Her list was long she had lots of folk to buy for. Mine was (as usual very short). She came home with a completed list, me? Still most left undone.

For a while, I worked in a chemist’s shop and it was great. Oh the fun of helping people with their Xmas shopping! Getting to try on perfumes – Dior, Lancôme, Revlon, and Faberge to name but a few... Then doing the special ‘chemist’s wrap’ in the gift paper…
Now, that was a lovely place to buy presents, my hard-earned money going back into the till.
And, a week later, sometimes serving the ‘other half’... One woman was a regular; her mother had told the husband ‘Always buy Chanel No. 5.’ She’d return the unopened perfume and exchange it for Dior.  
Throughout my career (teaching) there was never any time for the luxury of shopping for Xmas. All had to be crammed into the shortest time. So, I began using mail order from charity catalogues. Lessened the need to venture near the shops. These days I'm likely to shop on-line, but as my Xmas list gets shorter each year…it’s easier to complete.

Do you already have it done? 
This year? Already done, things allocated to names on my list. At the end of November, beginning of December I’ll write and post Xmas cards. 
One card and present has to get to the recipient Before December 6th as being Dutch they celebrate St. Nicholas.
Who is the hardest person to buy for? 
That has to be my other half, my soul-mate, he’s always been difficult to buy for, but then so am I.
AND...when do you do your wrapping? 
Since I already have wrapping paper in stock, I’ll have a go when the mood takes me or as and when I need to deliver the present or go to the Post Office. 
If I'm to avoid the Xmas queues it’s best done no later than the 1st week in December.
Two presents are delivered by hand, one to a friend in Delamere and the other to my theatre companion. 

Or does Santa do your shopping?
I've heard of the idea of 'secret Santa' but I don't 'reckon it' i.e. would not be something I'd do,


Jan n Jer said...

You sound like your very organized when shopping. your lucky to be done so early in the season. I have only just started...but this year Gift cards will be what I buy the most.

joangee said...

Only cos of being retired and having so few people to buy for (smile)