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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Apols to Sayre

since the Blogger 'outage' I've become an intermittent blogger. That and the increasing pressures on my time thro' OU studies. 3 hours 'wasted' today attempting to do an online exercise that uses a programme from last century, a most temperamental programme to put it mildly.
Eventually, in a vain attempt to save my sanity and make some progress, I resorted to inputting random answers so I could access the 'feedback'.
I've hit the wtf time in my present course, 3 assignments submitted out of 6, so 3 more to do. Awaiting the result for assignment 3, but not hopeful as it turned into a 'publish and be damned' exercise. One where having reached the end of my tether, I hit send...regardless of what I think of my efforts.


Sayre said...

I think summer in and of itself makes a lot of people intermittent bloggers. There's just a lot going on! That's why I think a hiatus for Fun Monday is in order. When you only have a couple of people playing it hardly seems worth it. Perhaps after the beginning of September when people settle back down in to a more routine daily life, we can try it again - but you know, FM has come close to death a couple of times in the past year. It might just be time to say goodbye to it...

joanygee said...

I'd be sad to see FM disappear, but agree that when there are too few players it's not really worth the effort. Thank you for your valiant efforts. Perhaps a short break is in order.

Joy said...

PC problems are causing my lack of input. Such a pain!
I miss your messages when they're not there though, Joan. :0)
J x