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Saturday, 25 June 2011

how different

today is from yesterday...
Yesterday I was volunteered by OH to go with neighbour H to help him buy ready-made, lined curtains and new curtain track. H is nearing 70 and as they'd say in the old days 'a confirmed batchelor'. This makes conversation difficult at the best of times. So trying to explain the ins and outs of curtains and window dressing didn't go down well. Eventually he agreed 72" drop and possibly 66" wide...
The only time I got anything approaching a conversation from him was when we saw Starlings in the car park. He then volunteered that sparrows were nesting under the eaves in his house. So, over an hour later I finally got him the buy some curtains.
On our travels I found out the hard way that he's a slow, methodical driver. He's had his secondhand car for 3 years and almost done 3000 miles! From time to time I had to ask hilm where he was going and even to tell him several times to change lanes so we could reach where we needed to go!

By contrast today MJM went shopping and what a laugh we had, taking the mickey out of each other and generally enjoying a good chat. We had sandwiches, coffee, tea and chocolate in the supermarket café. Browsing up and down the aisles of the various shops, stopping frequently to describe items to M so she could decide on what to purchase... Deciding whether to treat ourselves and what to buy.

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