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Monday, 6 June 2011

Fun Monday

The lovely Sayre has taken up the challenge of providing topics for June. She asks about coping with the heat!
Guess across the 'pond' the weather is a lot different...
Yes, here in England we had a couple of days of 'flaming June' weather...then as is often the case it changed.

It's true what they say about our changeable weather! Yes, we can appear to have all the seasons in one day; or in a week. We've gone from 70F to 61F in a few days; from glorious cloudless skies thro' overcast to sunny spells. Temperatures yo-yo from day to day.
Just occasionally, our fine weather 'sticks and stays' and then the good old pessimism begins again. Newspapers headline with stories about the weather. Guess that's what's good about here, we rarely get extremes.

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Jan n Jer said...

I think we get way more extreme weather here then "Across the Pond" the worst part about summer here in the USA in certain areas, is the makes the temps feel so much higher.

Jill said...

lucky you, it's in the 90s here!

Faye said...

I've been reliving a garden tour of England about this time of the year. It seems like your weather is perfect for gardens. Love your new blog template.

joanygee said...

Thanks for stopping by...yes we have good weather for gardens; but the weeds are growing like fun also.