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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

changeable that's us

Yesterday Fun Monday's topic was about prolonged sunny Summers...
That's something which occurs rarely over the UK.
The Met Office charts help understand our mixed weather patterns.
without going into details...Low pressure in 'in charge' of our weather just now. Low pressure weather systems have winds circulating and they bring scattered showers.
There's a lovely area of high pressure just off Greenland; if it were to travel our way and deplace the showers we'd have some fine weather. Better still would be if the Azores high grew and came north; then we'd have Summer weather!


Sayre said...

We pretty much hve long, hot summers. Relief comes in the form of tropical storms (we don't need hurricanes, but we get those too sometimes). And relief is brief. Then we're back to hot and sticky. Not my favorite, but I can't convince my husband to move somewhere a little more moderate when it comes to summer heat.

joanygee said...

where you are is a huge landmass especially when compared with tiny UK.
Also, I guess you're a lot further south. thanks for stopping by.