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Monday, 14 September 2015

Modern comms

Being a good 60+ miles away, I visited my friend in hospital just the once.

We've kept in touch by sending text messages. Until recently, that was something she just did not do. Needs the saying goes. 

Today's message was the best so far.

Surgery has been a success, the physios have given the 'all 'clear' and my friend will be discharged soon to return home. Not certain whether that will be home as in semi-detached or home as in bungalow, depending on who holds sway.

I can see the advantages of the bungalow, but after hospital 'home's best'. 


Sayre said...

Wonderful news! I resisted texting for the longest time (the screen on my phone was so tiny - I had trouble reading it). But that is my granddaughter's favorite means of communication so I jumped into the current century and text now. I haven't got a "smart" phone... mine's in the slow class, but it does have a nice little slide-out keyboard which makes it easier to text with.

joanygee said...

When I need to text, I use my old simple phone. It makes it far easier for me. I can text with a smart phone but it would take a lot longer and there would be more mistakes. Having my friend in hospital, sending text messages and receiving them has eased my mind.