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Saturday, 12 September 2015

What a difference...

a week makes...

Last weekend, some nervousness about driving North, finding my way around the grounds of Waddow Hall and finding out what had been happening to some dear friends.

C & S were super-busy and completely worn out by all the work they'd been doing / organising. Folk tend to watch events such as the Tour of Britain Cycle race without a thought for what it involves. It is not simply close some roads and get on with it. Planning had been going on for several months. It's not just about riders, teams and their road crews. The bigger teams booked themselves in to some of the more prestigious hotels. Sky were at the Dunkenhalgh

Then there's the welfare of all the residents and businesses along the route. Liaising with police, fire, ambulance and mountain rescue teams was another 'must'.

Add on to that an accident and the pressure as they say was 'ramped-up'.

N is a volunteer fund-raiser and a marvellous one. For a number of years part of the round of fund-raising has involved crossing Morecambe Bay. For several years this has always involved one of the grandsons. Not this year, unfortunately. N had almost competed the walk when the accident happened. Result, Westmorland Hospital followed by Blackburn Royal Hospital. A plaster cast on a realigned foot and waiting for swelling to subside.

Next, the cast was 'clam-shelled' as in sliced on half, foot checked to see no further alignment needed and another wait.

This weekend, the super-busy pair are having some well-deserved r&r. The casualty is (hopefully) having surgery to plate the injured foot and I'm waiting to hear about the op afterwards. 

Later on
I have officially been instructed to , 'stop worrying'.
The op is over and post-op recovery is under-way.
Worry mode has been disengaged.

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joanygee said...

Today the news id even better.
Op successful, return home a.s.a.p.