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Friday, 25 September 2015

There's no such word but


No such word, but it describes many of today's users of social media.

One group (naming no names) has already become 'moans r us'.

The course hasn't started yet the moans are coming thick and fast. I know I'm a cynic, but to me it seems the advent of social media has made some folk lazy. To me the Open University is about independent learning. I can't help but take a dim view of anyone complaining that they have not got a tutor yet. The course opens in just over a week's time, plenty of time to be allocated a tutor. Especially, when you consider that tutors only begin their responsibilities when the start date comes. 

Next on my list of gripes is also to to with on-line comms. When you sign up for a course that says quite openly it has an on-line format, I expect folk to have some digital skills. Granted, the course has digital learning skills built into it, but too many claim problems with working on-line. I did not expect anyone to send the assignment info to fellow students in pdf and glorify in the 'achievement'. 

In fact, I'd like to send these moaners back some 15 years, when there was almost no on-line activity in any courses except the tech ones. No word processing, everything handwritten, no electronic submission, no on-line forum. You were truly reliant on your own resourcefulness. Putting cynicism aside, I ought, perhaps to feel sorry for those that hardly do anything for themselves, those that will not make an attempt to be independent.

When I want to find out something, I do the research, I do not take to social media to ask someone else to do the research for me.

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