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Monday, 14 September 2015

Strangers to the Truth

For several years now, I've been studying linguistics.
Today, my interest was piqued by the daughter of an acquaintance who's just gained her Honours in English & German. That she's an accomplished linguist is without doubt, but here's the caveat.

At some 21 years of age she has found herself ' in a school in Germany. Doubtless her linguistics skills serve her well. 

Why the caveat?

This 'newbie' 'greenhorn' teacher's assistant comes (as people do) with her own set of baggage from her upbringing. (Enough said).

Straight from uni, she shared on social media a cartoon from one of the textbooks and it shows a jaundiced view of the English. Typically, I did some research and the author/editor of that particular series is an ex-pat with negative views of life/politics in England.

Another storm in a teacup - as one might say.

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