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Sunday, 1 August 2010

August 1st

A great brouhaha in the media, as Yorkshire celebrates it's 25th 'Yorkshire Day' and 'good luck to 'em'.

This has got me reminiscing and musing about history and in particular Lancashire my county.
27th November 1295, King Edward I summoned Lancashire's representatives to attend Parliament.

Another historical fact...the Queen of England is the Duke of Lancaster...  The 'Loyal Toast (at official banquets) is "The Queen, Duke of Lancaster". It's even listed in Debrett's as one of the loyal toasts approved by the Queen.

Large tracts of the County of Lancaster are part of the Royal Estates. (The Duchy of Lancaster).

In 1262, Henry III granted lands to his son Edmund.
1395, Henry Bollingbroke became King of England and the lands in North West England, Duchy of Lancaster

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