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Saturday, 23 April 2011

pleasant enough but...

after last night's brief display of lightning and a few rolls of thunder, everywhere freshened up. Just enough to settle the dust and encourage the onions and shallots.
But, across the road we have newish neighbours and both sets seem to be similarly inconsiderate. 
Why leave car or van doors wide-open with the radio blaring forth? The thump, thump, thump of the bass came over loudly and could be heard in the back gardens of the houses opposite.
Last time it happened it was the other house across the road and a young lad with car doors open; noise booming out. One of the Ms went to charm him into turning it down, so he turned it off.
Today's annoyance came from next door to the young man and the culprits were men in late middle-age. they were not amenable to requests.

We've had the plumbing looked over and all is fine, better than ever.


Joy said...

Glad about the plumbing but what a shame your peace and quiet was so disturbed . . .

J x

Faye said...

Hate breaking in new neighbors. Worry about the middle-aged ones. They may be the greatest challenge. Everything should be looking lovely in your garden now?

joanygee said...

Yes, Faye now it's fuchsias on display.