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Wednesday, 6 April 2011


A week ago there was Dublin to explore and photos to take...not so today.
Back to the clinic for a blood test. Can it really be a year since the last one? OH was sent too so we went to the local clinic. If it had been my choice I'd have headed back to the other clinic. But we were going shopping after so the nearer clinic was the logical choice.
No sign of M or M the past few days. Next door's a bit below par and the other is attending meetings all week!
Then there are workmen with diggers and other machinery at different points along the road. Apparently, all old gas mains have to be refitted with stronger, more durable plastic ones. It's an ongoing programme so no idea when it'll be our turn or how long the local area will be disrupted.
Howth a short train ride from Dublin.
(Pronounced to rhyme with both)


Jan n Jer said...

Back to reality...I hate to get blood work done...they have a hard time finding a vein!

joanygee said...

That's why I dislike it too.