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Saturday, 9 April 2011


and the sun is shining on the start of the Easter hols. Odd how when retired school hols take on a different context. Roads become quieter in the mornings, visits to the supermarket quieter, no mothers taking youngsters shopping before school.
Here am I at the keyboard waiting to go for MJM coffee shortly. First opportunity this week as one of the Ms has been none too well and the other has been out every day organising and attending committee meetings.
I'm re-learning the idea that the longer I stay with the OU and the higher the level of study; the more 'hands-off' a tutor becomes. Or is it just me and my 'luck'. Perhaps, even after 9 years of retirement some habits acquired when teaching are reluctant to disappear.
I won't go into details, but in teaching you cannot afford to be o 'hands-off' and unapproachable as some of today's tutors.
  • reading/replying to an email fortnightly?
  • weighing out the 'pound of flesh' OU student contact like Shylock.


Joy said...

Well, we all know what happened to Shylock in the end, don't we? :0)
I think that because most tutors are lovely and go the extra mile, to find one who doesn't is a shock. And I thought there's something that says they should reply to emails sooner than that!

J x

joanygee said...

Just like me to come across two in succession! This one seems like a carbon copy of the last :(