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Friday, 1 April 2011

Monday to Thursday?

9pm flight to Dublin with a friend who had not travelled by air before. All went well until we joined the queue for boarding the plane...then an announcement 'R wish to inform passengers that flight is delayed!'
Fog over Cork had delayed our plane so we settled down to wait and wait. Time for boarding came and went...
Relief when we finally boarded turned to dismay. The flight after us, left before us... Then yet another delay, a difference in passenger numbers between ground and yet another delay.
Finally take-off a smooth flight and landing in Dublin. Curious, I asked about the passenger numbers delay...response an apology and that ground staff had miscounted.
Previous visits I'd always been part of a group of friends with others doing the organization.
Bought tickets, climbed aboard the Air Link bus and off to the Busáras...

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