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Friday, 22 April 2011

what a scorcher!

When we get High pressure resident over the UK it can bring with it high temperatures and dry weather. This is what has happened for this Bank holiday weekend. Wonder if it might end in a thunderstorm?
Both dogs are not happy in this heat; they tend to lie on the quarry tile floor in the kitchen where it's cooler.
OH has been helping both neighbours with their gardens ever since he finished the plumbing here. The two Ms have been planting seeds in greenhouse and garden. They are looking forward to saving money by eating home-grown produce; and have promised to include us in their bounty.
This is how one of their gardens looked last year...

Later, right on queue, we had heavy 'thunder' rain and a brilliant display of lightning. It didn't last long, but was enough to refresh everything.

1 comment:

Jan n Jer said...

Oh my...I think that is what will happen will go from a cold spring to a sorching hot n dry summer!!! Have a great weekend!