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Saturday, 7 May 2011


miles each way; plus all the getting sorted means I'm feeling tired today.
It's turned cooler and we have rain so no need to water the garden. More roses are opening daily. Have you noticed the yellows always seem to appear first, just like crocus.
One of the Ms has been busily organising her greenhouse...with growbags ready to take the tomato plants when they are big enough.
On the way home we picked up a copy of the local newspaper in the SW. It seems that whereas we've had lovely sunny weather throughout April and into May; the far SW has had rain and flooding!
So much for them having 'better' weather than us.

Another brief announcement made me re-read it with astonishment. I hadn't realised that scrapping aircraft carriers would impact on amyone I knew. The brief announcement had a photo so I recognised the person by their picture.
When we knew him he was an armaments artificer. I'd forgotten he'd been onboard an aircraft carrier. It must be 3-4 years since he'd conversed with OH in the local 'watering hole'. Now his picture's in the local weekly paper...why? He's attained a degree with the OU...BA(Hons) in....Health & social care management.
As the saying goes 'what a turn up for the books'.


Joy said...

Many congratulations to him. As we know, it's no easy ride.

joanygee said...

True enough, I;m guessing he'd get points from his previous service.