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Sunday, 8 May 2011

after the rain

showers have passed and we're back to sunshine; so there was an opportunity to do 'some of what seems like a 'mountain' of washing.
OH got busy next door with his chainsaw cutting wood for H next door.
Being a Sunday, there was no sign of one of the 'M's as this is her day for taking what she calls her horse tablets; which knock her for six.
I took advantage of the opportunity to shop online; nothing exciting, just food for the dogs and some sunflower seed hearts to put in the bird feeders.
Next week i.e. tomorrow sees the start of a data collection task for my OU course. Bird watching and noting down how many if 10 specific species you see.
Fine, but I do wish they'd update their course. Starlings are in decline, so too are greenfinches and of course house sparrows. Strike 3 off the list.
At least I know we have robins and blackbirds. But, all it'll take is a visit from our local sparrowhawks...and...go figure!


Joy said...

I love that calendar!

J x

joanygee said...

Thank you; I found it on another blog!