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Sunday, 1 May 2011

prozaic normality?

We have bright sunshine and blustery winds with an edge to them.
Today's Google-Doodle shows Victorian times, Crystal Palace and has included a magnifier to show details.
News here, continues to be dominated by Friday's events. Now the focus is on background 'insights' and faux pas. Such as a famous footballer wearing his 'gong' but in completely the wrong position and shock/horror showing neck tattoos.
Official photographs have been released and the photographer interviewed. Delightful snippets revealed, such as asides caught by lip-readers.
I gave in and bought a couple of newspapers, read what various columnists had to say and an interview with the royal photographer.


Joy said...

I've also been enjoying what the paper have had to say, and online too.
It doesn't happen very often after all.

J x

Jan n Jer said...

I enjoyed watching the Royal wedding on Friday. I can only imagine the excitment over there in the UK.

joanygee said...
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joanygee said...

It was a momentous occasion wasn't it. I loved the way they seemed contented and to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. So different from previous royal dos.