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Friday, 6 May 2011

for a few days

no blog posts!!!
Easy answer...I left all laptops et al at home whilst we went south and then south-west to the end of Cornwall, but not 'Land's End'.
One day to travel 365 miles (including a massive traffic jam because of a lorry fire.)
One day going to see someone who agreed to buy the caravan. Returning to the site to clear out, throw out and finally clean the caravan.
Lots of 'essentials' that had built up in the caravan were stowed in the tourer (car).

Several times we revisited and walked over the Carn with the dogs. But the weather was cold and the windy almost stormy.

Today, we finished emptying and cleaning; the guy collected the van and we began the journey home.

I've always disliked going on any journeys on a Friday and this one gave me ample reasons to dislike Fridays even more. A journey that usually takes  6 hours, lasted 7 1/2 hours!

At one point all northbound and southbound carriageways ground to a halt. Vehicle engines were switched off and some people even gathered along the centre reservation for a chat.
Emergency vehicles police, ambulance, paramedic, traffic agancy screamed along the hard shoulder. A single vehicle had an accident without involving others, but the car was a right-off.

Continuing North along the M5/M6 we became accustomed to overhead signs stating; queuing ahead, traffic congestion, delays and optimistic signs giving speeds of 50 mph.
I must say I am very glad to be home; especially as the roses are coming into bloom...


Sayre said...

Congratulations on selling your caravan! But I'm sorry the trip was so trying...

Joy said...

I did wonder! Welcome back and I'm glad your trip was successful, even if the travelling was traumatic.
I know what you mean about those optimistic speed limits. I usually think 'Yes, please'!

J x

joanygee said...

It's a relief to be rid of the caravan and the proceeds from the sale will come in handy too.
Having such a trying time yesterday reinforced our decision not to travel that route any more.
Thanks for stopping by.