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Thursday, 19 June 2014

An early start to Fun Monday!

The lovely Sayre writes...
Fun Monday topic for June 23rd - Everybody's got a project of some sort going, whether it's reading a book, knitting a scarf, painting a picture (or a room), or planting a garden. What's your latest project?

Once upon a time, I'd have posted pix of knitting / crochet. Another time it would have been books. More recently the pix would have concerned OU studies. So what's gone on?

Time to post examples...
Looking back into the past...a mix of local history studies and genealogy research. Even tho' I say it myself, researching is something I've become good at doing. I love finding and finding out. Finding information, finding sites to help my researches and learning about people and places in times past.

Auntie Jean (born 1909)

Village events (May Queen procession)

Theatrical events

News from the past



Sayre said...

Ha! I wish I could sit still long enough to do such things - but after spending the whole day at the computer for work, I want to move my body! Perhaps when this all-day-at-work part of my life is over, I'll get into it. My grandmother did and my mother did, so quite a bit has already been done for me!

joanygee said...

Lucky you, to have had family do some research. I'm starting from scratch and have no-one to ask.