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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Time's wingéd charriot

Once you pass a certain age, it's all downhill from there. 

Lovely surprise visit from one of our long-time friends. Then the talk turned to more serious topics:

Reading between the lines of conversation...

  • one friend has gone from A1 bright-spark to 'no longer at home' in rapid succession. Guessing she has vascular dementia.
  • Aged 93 and only two weeks away from 94th birthday, friend's mother has 'passed'
  • Friend was diagnosed with bladder cancer last year and is now undergoing remedial immune system boosting treatment.
  • His wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer and had lymph nodes removed. She's now over half-way thro' chemo and beginning to feel a little bit better..

Now to balance this piece with some happier news.

Recently, it has been the time for folk to visit us or so it seems.

First there was a friend who emigrated to S. Africa and set up a business there (accommodation) in Cape Town. He travelled here by ship (one of the cruise ships). Of course it was heading north as the season has ended in S. Africa for 2014, this is their Autumn / Winter.

Next, another friend was at a meeting a few miles away, so dropped in for a chat and play with the dogs before going home. That way he was able to relax, have a coffee and chat, whilst missing the worst of the traffic.

Friend and daughter (party)

Another friend was due to head north last night; but phoned to say he'd leave it until tomorrow. Tomorrow has arrived, it's late afternoon and still no sign of him.


Joy said...

You're certainly being kept busy! :-)
J x

joanygee said...

A rare event, usually it's very quiet. Jx