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Friday, 13 June 2014


Not knowing whether or not to continue with the OU. Finding that with studies ended for now, there's more research to do (family history); have now joining two FHS (family history societies) Derbyshire and Yorkshire.

School class of about 1910-1912
The lady seated, with a baby on her lap is my grandmother. 
She died at the early age of 37 years old.

Advertising the family business (early 1900s)

Cyrus and one of his brothers, Frederick, moved from Huddersfield to Derbyshire. They began as joiners and woodworkers then as the business grew they had a timber yard and building business. Apocryphal family tales claim the business failed when the timber yard went on fire. Also, one of the family had let the insurance lapse. The family split with various groups heading to different places in Yorkshire and Lancashire, with a remnant remaining in Derbyshire.

Sunday best

Horse judging

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