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Monday, 9 June 2014

Just cottoned on - Fun Monday

For Fun Monday, the delightful Sayre has asked to see some photos.

Happy to oblige with pix of my GSDs.

This girlie is the younger of the two (not related); she's now 18 months old. She's a pedigree long-coated sable.

Her male companion will be 7 years old in a couple of months.

But, I've chosen a photo of him when he was just a puppy.


Sayre said...

I just love your dogs! They are so beautiful... I grew up with GSDs and of all the dogs there are, they are my favorite. When I was very little, our GSD had a litter of puppies. Most of them were the standard black and tan, but one came out looking like yours - and I just adored my Gretchen until she found her new home (lots of puppies, can't keep them all). Thanks for participating... I've still got to do my post, but it may be later today - I have to work!

joanygee said...

GSDs have been part of my life for s long time. Himself came as a package. love me, love my dog.