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Monday, 9 June 2014

Digging deeper

Going thro' a box of memorabilia, I found a small book, In Memoriam. One or more of my family must have attended the funeral in 1914.

I decided to see if more could be found out about Anne Kershaw Wood. Thinking Kershaw might have been her original surname, I searched without success. Then, I turned to find out about her husband, Samuel Wood, mill owner, one of the sons of John Hill Wood. The family were wealthy and Samuel and Anne were philanthropists. That's when I discovered Kershaw was her middle name, her surname was Sidebottom.

Now, her life began to unfold from my searches.

Born in 1838, in January 1st, baptised on February 14th. Anne Kershaw Sidebottom. William and Agnes had 7 children. 

They lived in Cheshire, that's why there's so much detail from the 

Diocese of Chester parish registers of marriages c 1538-1910

Thomas, Emma, Mary, Anne, Jane, Lucy and William grew up in Etherow House. 

Harriet Elizabeth Shaw age 18, born 1833 governess  from Bath, Somerset.


Margaret Bardsley age 43 born 1808 from Mottram, CHESHIRE.

Harriet Smith age 21 born 1830 from the Parish of Hayfield, Derby.

Mary Caldwell age 28 born 1823 from the Parish of Silkstone, Yorks.

Sarah Ann Freeman age 23 born 1828 from Barnsley, Yorks.

BETTY FIELDING age 19 born 1832 from the Parish of Penistone, Yorks.

Anne and Samuel were married in 1869, on the 21st in the Parish of Tintwistle (what a lovely name).

There's more to write, but I'll leave it for another day.

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