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Sunday, 27 March 2011

welcome BST

British Summer Time +1 from GMT Greenwich Mean Time. How odd that this Spring forward hardly raises any comments, yet the reverse in Autumn always causes a brouhaha!
I love words like that one! Is it I wonder onomatopoeic? Another lovey word.

Studying English Literature 'A' level many years ago I became enthralled with words, their sounds, usage and meanings. Forward in time to Now and my English studies are a mixed blessing. Why?
As a result of (some might say) over-taxing the speech processing areas Broca's area and Wernicke's area and aging; nouns have become a particular problem. They disappear literally leaving me 'lost for words', or a different one sneaks in turning sentences into gibberish. Of course the more I struggle to rectify, the worse things become.
Add on anxiety and you quite literally panic stations. 
Did you know that when anxiety strikes it doesn't have to be 'dramatic' as portrayed by actors?
I can quite literally go 'tharn'. like one of the rabbits in Richard Adam's 'Watership Down'.
Better still she says ironically my eyes shut to block out the World.
And the 'cure'??? Remove the source of the anxiety or by very, very slow steps and techniques learnt from studying psychology regain control gradually... 


Anonymous said...

"Remove the source of anxiety?"
So, which hotel do I check him into?

joanygee said...


Joy said...

I get the wpord finding issues too at times. I out it down to - er - encroaching maturity!

J x