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Wednesday, 8 December 2010


The last few days have been nothing but appointments. Fortunately, unlike last week so far the weather has not intervened to stop us going to any. Not have any had to be rescheduled apart from OH having his brought forward and made easier to get to.
Today, it was my turn..OH has been grumping on the I ought to get my eyes checked...So, I went to a different optician. Okay it was more expensive, but it was worth it for the care and attention to detail.
Good news £10 off the cost of £28 eye test. Until I reach 60 I still have to pay. Another £10 each for me and my theatre going friend because they're the ones she goes to.
Not so good news:
Yes, I am very short-sighted and the thorough tests revealed a possibility of glaucoma. Now that's some news I did not want.

However, they'll phone me when my glasses arrive and make an appointment with the optician to run another glaucoma check at that time.
I forgot to say that the phoned me at home yesterday evening - courtesy call about my appointment.
In this day and age, courtesy like that and a thorough eye examination are much to be desired.


Sayre said...

I agree. I feel lucky to have landed with the eye doctor I did. He's very thorough and when I realized my son was having vision problems, took him there as well. Now we BOTH can see what we need to see!

Jan n Jer said...

Its a good thing you went for your eye exam, glaucoma is nothing to mess with.