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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Today's The Day

Merry Christmas!

I've even been answering the phone with that phrase!
Both lovely neighbours have phoned up with Christmas Wishes for all. So lovely to hear from them and know they are okay.
We won't get chance to meet up for a couple of days as each has family events to attend. Yesterday we had a get-together in the afternoon and what a happy time we had. 'M'2's house rang with laughter. She treated us to some special biscuits and they were delicious but too moreish. 'M'1 asked if I like marshmallows? Someone had bought her a huge tub of them and would I like half? I didn't need asking twice.
OH has just had a good idea...we have tins of chocolates (he always buys in for Christmas). Neither of us like a certain blue-wrapped chocolate, but we know M1 likes them. So we'll pass them to her in exchange for the marshmallows.

'M'2 is delaying going out until this afternoon. She's taking with her some contributions towards the meal.
'M'1 is booked to go out today and tomorrow to spend time with family. Tomorrow she'll take her dog 'R' with her and Auntie will have a Christmas meal and cup of tea ready for 'R' to share in the celerations.

Goddaughter and extended family will today have an enormous family 'do' at the house of one of her uncles. Apparently, he has the largest house, so the 3 brothers, sister and families spend the day there. Each family provides part of the Feast. 

However you choose to spend today...hope you enjoy this Special Day...

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