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Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Before Christmas I visited the opticians. Having become fed-up with my regular place I went to one recommended by a friend. They were most welcoming and the optician was very thorough. I'd already promised myself I'd go for something new. When you've worn glasses for many years and recently 'needed' reading glasses as well as everyday ones...I decided it was time for varifocals. No need to take off to read, but three seamless areas to allow me to see
  • distance
  • middle distance (computer screen)
  • reading
Not content with that (grin) I opted for lenses that react to changing light levels. So, today's the day and now to become accustomed to a new way (to me) to view my world.


Faye said...

Getting new glasses is a big deal if you wear them all the time. They have to work right--and look good since they are like a piece of jewelry that you wear all the time. My last two pairs have been no line bifocals--very satisfactory. This time I went with a rather bold retro frame, a la Annette Benning in "The Kids are All Right"!

joangee said...

I like the look of you new glasses. It is important to be able to live with how they look and work. Hadn't realized there were no-line bifocals, if I'd known it might have been a better option. Thanks for sharing.