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Monday, 27 December 2010

Fun Monday - reminiscence

As the end of December and 2010 approach, Jill's theme is:
"Give us a holiday update or an update on your year in general. Where does this year leave you, or where are you going? What do you look forward to, or look back on, with anticipation or joy?  This can take the form of your annual holiday letter, a letter to yourself this time next year, a comparison of last year to this, or whatever you feel comfortable with. Pictures encouraged!"

Dublin's fair city

Where languages co-exist and names are lyrical
Where statues abound
Old and new side-by-side
Sailing ships, new bridges and a new port in the distance

Poignant memories
Fun sculptures
Skillful Irish dancers

Folk tales, 'craic' - Molly Malone (the tart with the cart)

and of course...
the magically beautiful 
River Liffey

Many thanks to Jill at Life is not bubble wrapped for hosting 
Fun Mondays December 2010


wendishness said...

Beautiful photos, looks like you had a great trip. I'm glad I didn't participate in this one, it would have been far too hard for me I think!

Jan n Jer said...

gorgeous pics...I would love to visit there sometime.

joangee said...

Guess you can tell I love Dublin, it has to be my favourite city. Thanks for stopping by.

ari_1965 said...

Lovely pictures. I love Dublin, too.

Faye said...

Thank you for the stroll down memory lane, Joan. I too love Dublin--only visited once. In all the sculptures you saw do you remember "The Old Hags"? Two elderly friends chatting on a bench with shopping bags by them? Don't think that's the exact title but what the Dubliners call it.

That last photo of the Liffey--I'd want that framed. Beautiful.

joangee said...

Yes, Faye I know the ones you mean. I'd like to take a photo of them sometime, but as they're in a very busy thoroughfare I've not managed to snap them yet.
I love the way the locals dub the artworks with alternative names, which are always funny and seem more appropriate.
I stood and took shot after shot of the sunset, vibrant colours, no need to enhance in any way.