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Tuesday, 7 December 2010


OH was sent for 24 hr blood pressure monitoring to local clinic just around the corner. This was because the surgery asked to see him. Why? Because he hadn't been near them for some 17 years. Typically he's 'not one for doctors' he prefers the vets!
So, he dutifully kept the appointment, they did an ECG instead of the original monitoring. Now he's got some tablets to take daily.
Next, he received a letter saying an appointment had been made at Heart & Cardiology Hospital. So, today we went to see the GP. All he did was to take BP readings, issue a new prescription and suggest he attend the hospital appointment to have the test.

On returning home, OH phoned the hospital and spoke with the consultant's secretary (a very pleasant lady). Result? A new appointment in place of the hospital one and at the clinic round the corner. Better still it's for this Thursday. How good it that!

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Jan n Jer said...

Thats great to get an earlier appt. gotta keep an eye on your heart...I know this first hand, my Hubs had a heart attack 13 years ago. Good luck!