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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Cardiology again

9 am we arrived at the local Health Centre...for OH to have his ABPM ambulatory blood pressure monitor fitted.
11am and he still had not been seen by anyone! He was waiting (impatiently) with other people. In the meantime the various NHS personnel had been  to and fro making several brews. I waited at reception, dozing on and off. It was midday before we arrived home. Okay so the consultant and technician had apologized...and so they should.
Now that the ABPM has been fitted it buzzes every so often as it tightens its grip and takes a recording.
Tomorrow we return the piece of kit to reception and aim to do the stuff we couldn't do this morning.


Jan n Jer said...

Somtimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. Hang in there!

joangee said...

He's not a happy guy, the machine tightens on his arm every 30 mins and now it's becoming painful. At least he can be rid of it tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by.