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Monday, 13 December 2010

Fun Monday December

Jill writes
(our lovely hostess from Life is not Bubble-Wrapped)

I’m hosting Fun Monday yet again. I woke up the other night with the perfect topic, and didn’t write it down. I can’t remember what it was. Go figure.
So, on to today’s topic: Your biggest gripe of the year. Anything goes.

and the Bee Gees sang...
'Cos we're living in a world of fools
Breaking us down
When they all should let us be' 
Time for me to rail many things...what to choose?
I'm fed up of being in a society that's too fond of political correctness, too keen on human 'rights', hidebound by Health & Safety and that's forcing pensioners to live in penury.

Profligate MPs of all shades and opinions happily wasting ££££££s throwing money at committees, reports and investigations. Showing that singly and collectively they have not one grain or jot of common-sense between them.

Poor old (Blighty) England...
England is not flag or Empire
It is not money it is not blood
It's limestone gorge and granite fell
It's Wealden clay and Severn mud
It's blackbird singing from the May-tree
Lark ascending through the scales*
Robin watching from your spade
And English earth beneath your nails

So here's two cheers for a place called England
Badly used but not yet dead
A Mr. Harding sort of England
Hanging in there by a thread
Here's two cheers for the crazy Diggers
Now their hour shall come around
We can plant the seed they saved us
Common wealth and common ground

part of the song 'A place called England' by Maggie Holland from her Album 'Bones' 
Recently Scotland and NE England had some snow...Now the Midwest US has snow and what a difference! 

20 inches in the Midwest and it's business as usual.

Here (pardon the hollow laughter) they launch an inquiry!!
"Transport Secretary Philip Hammond launched an urgent review of how the UK's transport systems have coped with the early wintry spell.

Health & Safety closed schools, airports and roads...go figure

* Lark ascending


Jill said...

Thanks for playing along.

Sayre said...

I have a feeling that there aren't very many who are happy with how their goverment is working. I know I'm not. What they think is important and what I think is important can't be any further apart. They play political games and I just want them to get down to business. Pipe dream, I know.

The snow this year has been amazing! I'm in Florida, so we don't get snow - but we do get cold! Gotta make sure everything is warm tonight as it's going to be bone-chilling cold!

joangee said...

I agree with you Sayre. Hope you keep lovely and warm. Odd how here we see so many images of hot days and sunshine that I never realised Florida could be cold.

Faye said...

Thanks for sharing "Lark" with us Joan--hard to rail against that! As for our elected officials (can't even stand to call them leaders)they always disappoint. I always have such high hopes when the new crop comes in, but it's downhill from their first days. In the U.S. I think they're first concerned with getting re-elected and secondly concerned with pushing their own religious and social beliefs on us. I always say I'll take care of my own soul and bedroom--they don't need to worry about that!

joangee said...

Thanks Faye, I'm in complete agreement with you. Guess the elected officials have similar agendas on either side of the 'pond'. I love Vaughn Williams' music and in particular the Lark is so soothing.