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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Day 30

If anyone had suggested to me I might blog for 30 consecutive days, I would not have believed them. Needless to say "here's day 30".

OH should have been going back to the GP tomorrow, until we had a phone-call from the surgery. Dear GP is in need of a doctor himself and has called in sick. No wonder, as when we saw him he sounded in a bad way. Result? OH admitted over the phone that he's okay on the lower dosage meds. Would he have ever told me that? No, he wouldn't have considered it to be necessary. So, no early get-up tomorrow morning and no trip to the surgery. Phew! But there's no way they'll let OH go another however many years without visiting the GP.

Next, am thinking of dubbing the postman Scarlet Pimpernel lol
"They seek him here,
they seek him there,
they seek him everywhere.
Is he in heaven or is he in hell?
That damned elusive (postman) Pimpernel."
why? because with Christmas falling at a weekend, Monday and Tuesday became Bank Holidays and therefore no post. In fact ti was today (Thursday) before we had sight of him. He delivered two errant Christmas cards. At least they weren't brown envelopes (bills).

Keeping with a theme (fiction) an online retailer's having  a sale so have ordered a DVD 'Oh what a glorious war'. Saw the film many years ago but never got my own copy. Next, having watched and thoroughly enjoyed a TV programme celebrating 'Les Miserables 25 years' I think I might look up the sale site and order a copy.


Jan n Jer said...

Happy New Year to you n yours...May it be a year of good Health, Happiness and Love!

Joy said...

Hi! Congratulations on 30 postings! I love reading your blog.

J x

joangee said...

Hello Jan...Thank you ever so much for visiting (smile)
Thank you also for your kind wishes.
Hello Joy, I hadn't realized you visited here! Thank you too for your kind comments.
Happy New Year to All!!!
May 2011 be kind to you, good health, happiness and love be yours!