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Thursday, 16 December 2010

cards and so on

Glad I photographed the knitted Santa as dear GD called in on her way home and took him with her. He was made for her anyway, but I'd grown used to seeing him on display.
Now I'm on tenterhooks waiting for a text message to say she's home safe.

She also took with her another of M's makes a small Christmas tree made from recycled Christmas cards, dowel rod and recycled pieces of kitchen cabinet doors.
If you use Facebook, and go to the Bradbury Fields pages...take a look at the photos and you'll see the Christmas trees being put together.

At long last I can say I've finished writing my Christmas cards, there weren't many, it was more a case of feeling like doing them. Tomorrow I'm seeing my GP (review) and as there's a post office and letterbox across the road it seems a good opportunity to send the remaining cards.

Jack Frost has reappeared so there are renewed weather warnings. Typically the routes across the Pennines A57 Snake Pass and A528 Woodhead Pass are closed to traffic. They've only been open a few days.  
This video of a fairytale icy lighthouse Cleveland, Ohio is amazing...

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Sayre said...

We've been having record lows here in Florida - and not envying our neighbors to the north much.