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Saturday, 11 December 2010

seasonal thoughts

Christmas is the time to send - receive cards and presents.
Round robin


Some don't like round robins (letters summarizing the past year). I look forward to finding out about friends and their comings and goings. Similarly, I hope they like my letter too. Also, I think it does good to put the year into perspective. Writing round robin letters can also be cathartic helping me to file away experiences. I can stand back from myself and take stock.
One of the signs of aging is the increasing number of folk I've lost touch with. Some are inevitable and unavoidable...the folk who are no longer of this world, those who have passed on. It makes me want to cling onto the folk that are still here.

Having OH diagnosed with irregular heartbeat is worrying because I feel so helpless.

On a lighter note...I'm feeling rebellious...why? because I'm not ready to file myself away into 'middle age' let alone 'old age'.
It's bad enough realizing I now fall into the cosmetics category of having mature skin. I find it puzzling at the checkout to be treated as an older person. Then I realize I'm having difficulty with things like socks and shoes which seem to have developed a life of their own.


Jan n Jer said...

I enjoy getting "The Christmas letter" (as we call it in the states). It a great way of catching up on friends n family that you dont see very often. Growing old sometimes is a hard process...your only as old as you feel.

joangee said...

Old as you that varies an awful lot lol
Thanks for stopping by.

Sayre said...

It is scary to have that kind of diagnosis. My mom's got it though and has had it for years. With proper monitoring and medication and possibly a pacemaker (which my dad has), OH can go on for a long time.

I love getting those letters - even the ones that are a bit braggy. People don't do it so much anymore. And I really miss my grandmother's letters. She died six years ago and no one picked up the ball (they were in England). I might get one from my uncle - but they rarely arrive before Christmas.

I am shocked by the woman in the mirror. She's much older than I am. She has trouble bending down to tie her shoes and sometimes her hands hurt something awful - but inside there's a 20 year old looking out of her eyes.