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Saturday, 5 March 2011

assorted Kernow

Kernow aka Cornwall has a landscape that is rough, rugged and wild in places especially the far south-west.
Mining and its' ruins (industrial archaeology) dominate some parts of the landscape. Although Cornwall is known for its tin mining heritage, other minerals were important (lead and copper)
It's 23 years since the last mine closed in Penwith. Many of the old miners are around no linger.

OH and I plus various canine companions have walked the coast over the years. And now it's time to say 'goodbye'.

We've been mulling things over for quite a while; so for Cornwall and us eventually, 'this too shall pass'... The route to the SW involves some infamous stretches of motorway that have become accident black-spots, and the journey never gets any shorter. The last of our close friends 'down there' passed away last year.
2011 and the decision has been finalized...


Jan n Jer said...

This is sad. Looks like very rugged terrain. Great pics

joanygee said...

We've visited that part of the country for some 30 years. And we still have memories and many photos. Time to call it a day. There are many places a lot nearer we can explore!

Joy said...

A shame but I can understand why. The photographs are achingly beautiful.
J x