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Monday, 14 March 2011

not embarrassing but

frustrating and a tad annoying...
Take if you would one Yamaha Clavinova a few years old and offer free of charge to a charity...Arrange date and time for pick-up except only one elderly guy turns up as down the line the info has become scrambled! He was convinced it was a keyboard that he was collecting Not a full-size piano. Oops.
Next a phone-call to say charity coordinator would phone, but no call came. So I did the phoning, only to find her intention was to do nothing until tomorrow at the earliest. Why? Because with the cut-backs the manager was off today (hours cut down). Coordinator would need to ask permission to collect piano because not a keyboard.

So, the hall is blocked up by the piano awaiting collection, but if as I suspect the charity now say 'no' it'll have to go back into the front room.


Faye said...

Anything that requires more than one phone call to arrange is annoying in my view. We have a very worthwhile charity that picks up donations, but the parcels must be bagged a certain way, labeled, and put on doorstep so early that retired people need to set the alarm to get the donation out in time. Hope you don't have to lug your donation back to its starting point.

Sayre said...

Oh, that's frustrating! I have an old piano (1921) that I'm trying to decide about - will I fix it or give it away? It's big - no one might want it.

joanygee said...

Several phone calls later, me contacting them because I got fed up of waiting...they won't take it.