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Saturday, 26 March 2011 frontier...not

Happy to report the piano has gone, friends removed it yesterday. Another reason for the feeling of elation was meeting up with friends as it's the first time I've seen them this year.

As I look thro' the window, the fuchsia is 'alive' with birds dunnocks in particular. Checking the RSPB website they are apparently...unobtrusive! In that case the ones here haven't read that! I've been watching them threading their way acrobatically from branch to branch.

OH isn't at his best and hasn't been for a couple of days. He thought his sore foot was because of bruising. Now it seems it may be gout. So it's a list of foods to avoid and to use cold compresses.

No sign of M or M today and the weather's clouded over.


Joy said...

Gout, I gather, is very ouch. :0(((
Well done for getting the piano sorted though!
J x

joanygee said...

Thank you Joy, it's good to have the space. Jx