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Thursday, 3 March 2011

moody March!

After some fine, bright and sunny days this morning came as a bit of a shock. Ice everywhere and the need to defrost before going out this morning. Add fog to the mix and we decided only to go to our nearest town to shop instead of the usual rounds. So, the rest of the shopping is scheduled for tomorrow when hopefully the weather will be less inclement.
Thank goodness for retirement and the opportunity to put something off until another day.
But am in no mood to study today, knitting needles and yarn are close at hand an oh so tempting!


Jan n Jer said...

March can be a very fickle month. Our snow is all gone..but there is always a good chance we could get more. We have had many snow storms in the month of March!! I think you should just enjoy you knitting today and stay warm!

Joy said...

Staying in and knitting sounds pretty good to me . . . Very nice that you can too.

J x